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Swim Videos for competitors of all ages and abilities

If you invest your time and money swimming on a team or sending your child to swim on a team - the videos contained in the Fitter and Faster Swim Video app are a “must have”.

Find what you need - when you need to see it - on all of your devices.

This video on demand service benefits elite level swimmers who compete at the NCAA Division 1 level, those who are first getting into age group swimming… and everyone in between!

Who should sign up?
  • Recommended for swimmers who swim three to ten times each week
  • Swimmers wanting to drop time
  • Swimmers who have never seen perfectly executed and explained swimming and drills
  • Coaches who need a reference point for demonstration
  • Anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge of stroke and racing progression
  • Each week, a new video is uploaded!

    Outstanding Perspective

    The use of several cameras – including underwater and overhead – give an unrivaled, helpful perspective of the look and feel of every movement and every stroke! The clinicians have “voiced over” the video of their own swimming to reveal what they think about and feel as they swim. This will help the viewer tremendously the next time they swim.

    What Do I Get With My Fitter & Faster Swim Videos Subscription?

    • Current demonstrations and explanations from the best swimmer/clinicians in the world
    • Instant access to the highest quality competitive swimming videos
    • OFFLINE ACCESS to all videos - take your favorite drills to the pool
    • New videos added each week
    • Easy to navigate. Find what you want... when you want it.

    World-class Clinicians

    The Olympians and National Champions selected for these videos are also expert clinicians from the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour. They are well versed at breaking down the components of their strokes in a way that everyone can understand.

  • Scott Weltz: Weltz represented the United States at the 2012 Olympic Games in the 200 breaststroke. He is currently a coach at University of California, Davis and has been a clinician with Fitter and Faster since 2012. He is known for having exceptional technique and being an attentive teacher of mechanics for faster swimming.
  • Cammile Adams: Adams is a two-time Olympian for the United States (2012, 2016). She has been leading Fitter and Faster clinics since 2014 and works full-time as a teacher in the Houston, TX area. Her skills as an educator in the classroom is equally strong in the pool.
  • Jessica Long: Long is one of the most masterful stroke technicians in the world and GREATEST Paralympic swimmer of all-time. She learned to walk with prosthesis... and in the pool she developed one of the most beautiful and efficient strokes you will ever see from someone with or without their legs.When Jessica was getting started with the sport she began the process of mastering her stroke to ensure she could keep up in practice with swimmers who have all their limbs. She has continued to focus on perfecting technique to break records and set new heights for para swimming.
  • Clark Smith: Smith is a 2016 Olympian and American Record Holder in the 1000 and 1650 Freestyle. He was also the first to break the 500 Freestyle American Record that was held for over 10 years by Peter Vanderkaay. “When I went to clinics as an age-group swimmer, I was always told to make multiple changes in my stroke or other changes that didn’t always make sense to me,” he remembers. Those experiences taught Smith to become better at “putting my thoughts into words without making it too complicated for kids to understand.” But ultimately, it’s the swimmer’s job to implement technique changes. “Only you can make the changes you want to see,” he says, pointing out a lesson he wishes he had learned sooner: “Don’t expect your coach to remind you of your bad habits. It helps to pick on yourself.”
  • Chloe Sutton: Sutton is a two-time Olympian for the United States. She was the first American ever to compete at the Olympics in both Open Water and in the pool. At her first Olympics in 2008, she was only 16 years old. Sutton has been an Elite Clinician with Fitter and Faster since 2009 and leads approximately 50 Fitter and Faster clinic sessions annually.
  • Bruno Fratus: Fratus is a two-time Olympian for Brazil (2012, 2016). In 2017 Fratus won the silver medal in the 50 freestyle at the World Championships. Fratus evolved into an elite level swimmer at a later age in life. He says the secrets to his success is focusing intensely on every component of his stroke technique and proper nutrition.
  • Brett Hawke: Hawke is a two-time Olympian and National Champion from Australia. He is currently the Head Swim Coach at Auburn University and is widely recognized as among the best coaches of Sprinters in the world. On the Fitter and Faster Video on Demand service, Hawke teams up with Bruno Fratus to teach mechanics for the fastest sprint freestyle.
  • Tyler Clary: Clary is a 2012 Olympic Gold medalist from the United States. He is known to be one of the most versatile elite swimmers of the past decade. He has led more than 50 Fitter and Faster swim clinics since 2016 and is known for being exceptional at teaching the finer points of technique in all strokes. Laura Sogar: Sogar is a NCAA Champion and international medalist from the United States specializing in breaststroke. She is an attentive elite level clinician who teaches exceptional technique.
  • Nick Thoman: Thoman is a two-time Olympic medalist from the United States. He made a career beating swimmers who were much larger than him - attributing a lot of his success to attention to the details of every stroke. Thoman has been an Elite Clinician for Fitter and Faster since 2010 and has led several hundred clinic sessions.
  • Laura Sogar: Sogar is an NCAA and USA Swimming National Champion. She is an elite clinician for the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour and did a fantastic job on the videos she produced for this video. Her explanations of what she demonstrates and feels as she swims are so helpful.
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